Safe shopping



We ensure the confidentiality of the data provided to us through the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer v3).

The store has an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer).The SSL certificate is a tool that ensures the protection of the website, as well as guarantees the confidentiality of data sent electronically between the Store and the Customer. The SSL certificate is a kind of security consisting in coding (encrypting) data before sending it from the Customer's browser and decoding after safe access to the store server. Information sent from the store server to the Customer is also coded, and after reaching the destination, it is decoded. The newsletter is also subject to coding.
For safety reasons, the logged in Customer should remember to log out of the website after the session ends. To do this, click the "Log out" link in the upper right corner of the Store navigation. Simply turning off the browser window does not amount to ending the operation being performed.

Security of personal data.

The store takes all reasonable steps to protect personal data of store users.  This means, among others, creation of appropriate rules and procedures to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to the data and the risk of its disclosure. Information provided by the users is processed and stored using appropriate security measures in accordance with the requirements set by applicable law.
The store, however, does not guarantee that the risk of unauthorized use of personal data by unauthorized persons operating in a manner contrary to law will be excluded. All account passwords should be kept in a safe place and should not be disclosed to third parties. If the password is used in an unauthorized manner or another security risk occurs, you should immediately notify the Data Inspector about this fact.