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The online shop (operating at the following address: and selling products included in its offer online, and hereinbelow referred to as the shop), respecting the privacy right of Shop Users, has drawn up this document, in which its cookies policy is set out.

The regnes.ue shop uses cookies to ensure that the Shop Customers can buy from it securely and without problems. By navigating the Shop's website, the Visitor (Shop User) expresses their consent to using cookies by the regnes.ue shop.

1.     What are cookies?

Cookies (referred to as 'Ciasteczka' in Polish) are sets of digital data, in particular, text files which are stored on the Service User's peripheral device, and which are to serve the purpose of using the Service websites. The cookies used by the regnes.ue shop are safe for a User's device. n particular, it is not possible that viruses, other unwanted software or malware could reach User's device this way. Cookies make it possible to identify the software used by the the User and to customise the Service with each particular User in mind. Usually, cookies contain:

  > the name of the domain of their origin,
  > time of storing on a device,
  > an assigned value.

2.       Kinds of cookies used by the regnes.ue shop

The regnes.ue shop uses 3 kinds of cookies:

a)   Session cookies – active only while the websites of the shop are being browsed, and making it possible for these websites to work properly. They are used as well by a server to store information on actions taken; if a connection with the server is broken, the User may return to the same place on a website.

b)    Persistent cookies – they remain on hardware after visiting the shop, which means that the Shop may remember the User's settings for the needs of a subsequent visit(s). Owing to that, the Shop becomes easier to navigate and remembers the User's preferences.

c)   Third-party cookies – they make it possible to customise the displayed website with the User's preferences in mind when the User is purchasing products from the shop.

3.        Goals of using cookies by the regnes.ue shop.

Own cookies
a)     Configurations of the shop
  > adjusting the contents of the Shop's websites with the User's preferences in mind, and also optimising the use of the Shop's websites,
> recognising the User's hardware and its location, and displaying the website appropriately (i.e. customised with their invididual needs in mind),
> remembering the settings chosen by the User and personalisation of the User's interface, e.g. in the scope of a language or region of the User's origin,
> remembering the history of visited websites in the Shop to recommend contents, font size, website's layout, etc.

b)     User authentication in the service and provision of the User's session in the Shop
  > ensuring the continuity of the User's session (after logging in), owing to which the User does not need to re-enter the login and password on each Shop's subpage,
> correct configuration of the chosen functions of the Shop, making it possible, in particular, to verify the authenticity of browser session,
> optimising and increasing the efficiency of services provided by the Administrator of the shop.

c)      Conducting processes necessary to ensure the complete functionality of the websites
  > customising the contents of the Shop's websites with the User's preferences in mind, and optimising the use of the Service's websites. In particular, the cookies make it possible to recognise the basic parameters of the User's hardware and display the website appropriately, in a way customised with the User's needs in mind, operate the loyalty scheme appropriately, making it possible, in particular, to verify the sources of redirecting Users to the Shop's websites.

d)    Ensuring the security and reliability of the service.

External Cookies
a)    Presenting multimedia contents on the Services websites; the contents are acquired from an external online service:
b)    Collecting general and anonymous statistical data with the use of analytical tools (Google Analytics)
c)    Logging in to the service with the use of social media services: Facebook Connect and Google.

4.     Conditions of storing and acquiring access by cookies

a)   The User may, at their own discretion and at any time, change the setting applicable to cookies, defining the conditions of storing and acquiring access to the User's hardware by cookies. Changes in the above-mentioned settings may be made by the User with the use of browser settings, or by configuring the service. These settings may be changed, in particular, in a way resulting in blocking automatic cookies managament in the browser settings, or informing about every instance of placing cookies on the User's hardware. Detailed information about the possibility and ways of managing cookies is available in the software (browser) settings.

b)   The User may, at any time, delete cookies with the use of functions available in the browser used by his / her.

Restrictions for using 'cookies' may influence certain functionalities available on the website, or even make it impossible for the online shop to open and be used on the User's device.