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RFP Regnes Fetish Planet
Size:S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Special features:Two-sided zipper - 1x, Elastic and resilient material, Strengthening stitching, Slim-fit shape
Amount in box:1
Ingredients:94% polyester / 6% elastane
made in Europe:Designed and made in Europe with respect to employees rights
T-shirt made of black, nice to touch material with a decorative, 2-way zipper on the back.

T-shirt made of black,elastic and nice to touch material.
A very perverse and surprising pattern. It looks like a classic T-shirt on the front, but nice things start to happen on the back....
A long, decorative silver zipper is located along the entire length of the back. It has sliders with the RFP logo. It can be detached from both sides the bottom and the top. After unfastening - just use your imagination to use this solution well when playing together.
Also perfect as a T-shirt for everyday styling.

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