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Our Mystery Boxxx is a sensual mystery and magic that will spread its spell when it is opened. The box is filled with erotic products and gadgets. Each box is unique, each box has something you won't buy in our shop. It is also a set of randomly selected products of our brand and accessories for sensual erotic games.

What exactly will you discover in our Box?

Each MysteryBoxxx is available in sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL.
Why have we divided them into sizes?
Each package contains clothing products and we recommend that you choose the right size. You will also discover accessories that we have  carefully selected to raise the temperature of intimate games.

Mystery Boxxxes are available in a version for HER  and for HIM.

Package for Him - these are products available in our shop plus kinky accessories.

Package for Her - these are excellent products of a friendly women's brand Demoniq plus kinky accessories.

We have made every effort to make every Mystery Boxxx a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Aleksandra Senger
CEO and RFP Regnes Fetish Planet Team. 

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